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  • ZEN

    The depth of this flute is stunning. And it is not just the auditory sense of it-it actually resonates inside my body as I play creating this very special sensation of my own breath vibrating throughout my chest, outside myself and in my palms as I hold the instrument-all in the same time.

    The lightness of the linden wood makes this sensation even more special as it feels like there is no weight in my your hands whatsoever. 




    Due to its wide bore it is a no long tone-flute but it is the one that will trully make you focus on your breath and the power of it.

    Trully magnificent!


    Tuned to F#minor



    Linden wood
    Length: 79 cm

    Tone line: F#-A-B-C#-E-F#


    Available for 3600 SEK / 360 €






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