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Zaphir Chimes         550 SEK / 55 €
  • Zaphir Chimes 550 SEK / 55 €

    Another beauty from the French Pyrenees.

    The Zaphir chimes (also known as Shanti) offer a glowing color-design, pure crystaline sound and quality of a hand and with care made instrument.


    With its power to calm down the mind and nervous system these chimes are a wonderfull tool for relaxation, yoga, meditation, storytelling, sound healings, application in Feng-Shui and much more.   

    The 5 different tunings are named in relation to the 5 seasons, and the 5 elements  (Feng Shui)




    CRYSTALIDE  (G A B D A G B D) - spring   (Green, Blue, Red)

    SUNRAY  (G#B C#E G#E A C#)  - summer  (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow)

    TWILIGHT  (E G B C E G B C)  - autumn  (Green, Blue, Red, Purple)

    SUFI    (F A D F A G A D)  - intermediary season  (Green, Blue, Red) 

    BLUE MOON  (D F A B C E A#C)  - winter  (Green, Blue, Red)

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