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The North / SOLD!
  • The North / SOLD!

    This drum is absolutely magical and writing these lines I am still unsure if I really want to give it away. 
    It's like I can feel its sound echoing in the high bright skyes of the far north, the stillness, the space.. and praising chants are spontaneously coming as I drum the surface.

    The handle is made from a reindeer antler with the Sami sun symbol (Beaivi*) burned in. 
    An exquisite piece!
    Thank you Malin for the painting, another wonderfull enhancement! 

    *Beaivi is goddess of the sun, spring, and sanity, associated with the fertility of plants and animals, particularly reindeer. She made the plants grow so that the reindeer flourished and reproduced, and brought wealth and prosperity to the people.



    Reindeer skin around elm tree frame

    Reindeer antler

    53/7.5 cm


    Available for 10000 SEK / 1000€

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