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The Heart-Drum for a brother
  • The Heart-Drum for a brother

    I had this centerpiece for long time before deciding to weave it into a drum. There was sense of great enjoyement to hold it in my hand, to feel the wood and stone in my palm, glimmering ash and bright red jasper with its veins of darker colors. 

    Eventually I decided it will be part of a simple looking drum with a profound beat and recognized that I want a man/brother to carry this drum.
    Here it is. Thick cow-skin and a solid ash tree frame and sound that makes rhe room shake, yet gentle if played so.

    This is not a lightweight drum to carry!


    Cow skin around ash-tree frame

    Red jasper in ash wood


    55/7,5 cm


    Available for 5500 SEK / 550 €

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