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Sumac with Plum and Barberry root in F# minor /SOLD!
  • Sumac with Plum and Barberry root in F# minor /SOLD!

    It is sometimes hard to believe that we are still talking about wood. All the colors, structures and images I come across can often leave me in awe for the material and its beauty. 
    And this flute is such one. Body made of shiny sumac wood, shimerring in light meeting the rougher bark, Barberry root block with its wild patterns all contrasting with the rich and warm plum wood mouthpiece. That is for the art part. 

    When focusing on it actually being an instrument, I find this flute an exqusite one. Something about the vibrations of its voice, certain delicacy and clarity and strength all so well balanced. 
    Undoubtably a strong character instrument and not for everyone.


    Tuned to F# minor


    Sumac body, Plum mouthpiece, Barberry block

    Tiger eye pearls


    Length: 55 cm

    Tone line: F#, A, B, C#, E , F#


    Available for  3850 SEK / 385 €



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