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Carved singing bowl 54 cm / Tuned!
  • Carved singing bowl 54 cm / Tuned!


    Main tones: F#1 / C#3 (45hz/156hz) 432hz

    Upper diameter: 54 cm

    Weight: approx 12 kg 


    Available for 14200 SEK 

    Tuned Tibetan singing bowls in this size is something absolutely extraordinary and I'm very lucky to have contact to people willing to go into the unexplored teritories of this ancient artform, to keep hamering, heating up and cooling again, over and over until coming to the desired result. 
    And the possibilities which this bring about are just something else. While each singing bowl is perfect and fullfiled in itself - the musical dimensions that open when a music tool of such a profound and radiant bass/depth harmonically merges with others-be it other tuned bowl, voices, instruments or sounds- is simply mindblowing!


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