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Shaman Rattle Shipibo small or big
  • Shaman Rattle Shipibo small or big

    These rattles are made from the Tutuma fruit of the Calabash Tree by the women of the Shipibo-Conibo people in Peru.

    Traditionally, the shaman receives melodies and ornamental lines from the transcendent world during a ritual. He then shares the graphic patterns called quené with the women of the community. The Shipibo women then materialize the quené on textiles, vessels or rattles. The latter help the healer to fall into trance and are used to harmonize the world and the people.
    These rattles sound bright and loud and can be used for shamanic journeys, healing rituals or simply as a instrument.


    * * *


    Size: They come in different sizes, lengths and colors.

    Materials: Calabash fruit, wood, feathers and strings

    Origin: Peru

    Prices are between 400-550 SEK (40-55€), depending on size. Check with me about availability ;)



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