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Shakuhachi-the sound of emptiness
  • Shakuhachi-the sound of emptiness

    Shakuhachi - Jinashi Pro

    High-grade Shakuhachi with root end.


    This flute have been made by one of the leading Shakuhachi-makers in Germany. The bamboo was harvested in Europe and has been stored for several years - this makes it very resitant to cracking in comparison to Asian imports.


    Traditional D-minor pentatonic tuning.

    Length: 55 cm


    Available for 5600 SEK / 550€


    * Cheaper Shakuhachi - Jinashi Student (without the root end) also available on demand. Check with me if interested.

    The Shakuhachi is more than a musical instrument. This Japanese flute made of bamboo does not only attract in a musical way, but it also develops a strong spiritual power. The monks of the Japanese Fuke movement, who significantly influenced the Shakuhachi playing in Japan from the 17th to the 19th century, did not use this flute as a musical instrument at all. The Shakuhachi was a “mental tool” used for meditation, and it was said to lead to enlightenment. The Fuke monks belonged to the movement of the Japanese Zen Buddhism. Their members used to wear a basket of common reed over their heads to cover their faces. The old Shakuhachi musical pieces of the Fuke are called Honkyoku. And until today they have been a central reference point for all Shakuhachi players.

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