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Romanian Kaval / SOLD
  • Romanian Kaval / SOLD

    Uniquely crafted 5-holed Romanian kaval.

    Perfect balance between the highs and lows and easy to play with the finger holes close together.


    Tone line: A# C C# E F F#

    Lenght: 70cm


    Available for 2800 SEK/280 €



    The Kaval fipple style Kaval, (meaning the sound is produced by a fipple) and they are fairly easy to learn. No difficult embouchure is required, as it is for playing rim-blown open tube kavals.

    However, a more simple embouchure can be used to control and manipulate the sound, to create the typical rich, haunting sound these type of flutes can produce. This is done by pushing the lower lip slightly over the edge of and into the sound-window. It takes some practice to get it fine-tuned but is not very difficult to learn. In addition to this, some players hum and sing into the flute as well.


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