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Reindeer skin drum / SOLD!
  • Reindeer skin drum / SOLD!

    Experimenting with new natural dye something very extraordinary came out. What a color!
    Looking at the skin while diving into my gemstone baskets I found one of these shimerring abalone shells I had stored away for years not finding a drum they could crown in a harmonius way.

    Until now that is.
    To keep up with the originality I came up with a brand new pattern to tie the shell into (many do's and re-do's).

    And-to not to forget we are still talking about a music instrument-the sound is amazing! Deep, long, melodic, mysterious..

    Reindeer skin

    (Probably) Mango-tree frame (it was given to me and looks like mango wood)

    Abalone shell centerpiece

    Natural dyes

    41 / 6 cm


    Available for: 4700 SEK / 470 €

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