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Blue Gem / SOLD!
  • Blue Gem / SOLD!

    Bending the wood, cutting the skin, brewing the dye, choosing the stone, weaving it all together, hanging in the wind to dry.. Never knowing what the end result will be. Colors change shade, symetry moves around and sound is its own dimension completely. 
    And sometimes when holding the creation in my hand for the first time I feel moved and in a quiet (or laud end expresive) aw from what came to be. 
    This piece feels otherworldly. After few weeks of having it I'm still drawn into its universe and glow of magic. To say it is a drum seems somewhat limiting. It's a gem.


    Reindeer skin around willow-tree frame

    Labradorite gemstone

    Natural dyes


    45 / 37 / 6 cm


    Available for 5000 SEK / 500 €



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