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Måne / mythology of the North / SOLD!
  • Måne / mythology of the North / SOLD!



    This drum was long in the making before coming to its final form. 

    There was an initial idea for what I want to achieve. And there it was standing, deep blue with all the crystals woven in, extraordinary-hypnotic sound.. yet asking for something more.

    So I gave it to Malin who deep dived into the old mythologies of the North and the deep blue became a canvas.


    Here is a story of the relationship between the wolf and the moon:

    Måne or Máni was in Norse mythology the god of the moon, son of Mundilfare and Natt. Together with his sister Sol, he is chased across the sky. Moon is chased by the wolf Hate, just as the wolf Sköll chases his sister.


    A translated verse from the poem “Völuspá”:


    The sun, the sister of the moon, from the south

    Her right hand cast over heaven's rim;

    No knowledge she had where her home should be,

    The moon knew not what might was his,

    The stars knew not where their stations were.


    The inscription on the drum reads Power of Moon and one way to 'apply' the 'background story' is that we may not know or be aware of our own power but still we shine it onto the world.




    Reindeer skin around willow tree frame

    Quartz gemstone and crystals

    Natural dyes

    Burned runes inscription 

    55 / 6 cm


    Available for 8800 SEK / 880 €  

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