Koshi Chimes  55€ / 550 SEK
  • Koshi Chimes 55€ / 550 SEK

    The Koshi chimes are authentic musical instruments, an original creation of high quality.

    Hand made in workshop at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, each chime is the result of a precise, dedicated craftsmanships.

    Like their siblings the Zaphir chimes, the Koshi's offer crystaline pure yet warm sound that instantly calms down, leaves in wonder..

    Each chime represents one element of nature.

    Each plays harmoniously with all the others.

    Terra - Earth:     G C E F G C E G
    Aqua - Water:    A D F G A D F A
    Aria - Air:           A C E A B C E B
    Ignis - Fire:        G B D G B D G A