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Sansula Basic 1200 SEK / 120 €
  • Sansula Basic 1200 SEK / 120 €

    It is a sense of calmness, relaxation, a soft and gentle holding that this instrument transmits when being played.

    The Sansula is a real jewel in the kalimba family.

    Its angelic-like, warm and incredibly soothing sound makes it to be just an excellent instrument for yoga classes, meditations, storytelling, lulling children to sleep or gently waking up, to be played for ones own pleasure or in a more complex music setting..


    Tuned in such way (the pentatonic scale), where each tone harmonizes with every other makes the Sansula a very intuitive instrument leaving a lot of space for free flow and improvization without a need for previous practice.

    Yet by practicing-more doors could be opened and explored..


    There is also a possibility to change the tuning in a simple way if wanted.


    Recordings are to be listen to with a good quality headphones or stereo else they are misguiding!




    This is the first/starting model of the Sansula.

    From all the three models the basic one is the most fragile as the membrane is made from cellulose. If dropped on the ground or an object being dropped on it-the membrane may brake and will need to be replaced.If you are searching for a more sturdy model check the Sansula Renaissance od Deluxe version.

    Diameters: 20x15cm

    Materials: Beech and Cherry wood, cellulose membraine, steel.

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