NOTE: Welcome to my website with handcrafted music instruments and (in the future) other art and craft products.


More instruments are underway-singing bowls, large sound healing chimes, rainsticks..

just check with me if interested


I just finished moving of my home and my workshop and had another big things to take care of.

That’s why you will find most of the instruments sold lut.

I do have more so feel free to reach out else they begin to appear here again from the end of October


Next drum building workshops will be in Svenstavik and Östersund Jämtland/Sweden.

14-16 October and 21-23 October.

And finally in Järna 4-6 November!


 Thank you




Filip Fišer


Filip Fišer born 1985 in Czechoslovakia.

Musician, performer, craftsman.

With his work he points towards the spaces beyond our human form, towards the sacred mysteries of nature.

Superior craftsmanship and design some of which are absolutely unique to his brand The Holy Tree workshop.

Read more about Filip here


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