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The Green Tree
  • The Green Tree

    There is something so satifying to hold this one in my hand. The contact with bare wood with my palm, its warmth and steadiness..

    And then the tree symbol itself which is so close to me..

    I wish for good hand  carrying this drum.


    The centerpiece itself is a piece of old spruce, a very bottom branch which has somehow converted itself into a root.


    Due to its shape many different tones and sounds can be produced depending on where on the skin is being played. 
    This possible sounds combination can be made both harmonious and disturbing depending on the players intention/guidance.




    Deer skin around beech-tree frame

    Spruce wood as the centerpiece

    Natural dyes


    42-55 / 6.5cm


    Available for 6500 SEK / 650 €


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