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The Dragonfly
  • The Dragonfly

    This piece made me very happy in different ways. 
    I like the turquoise color and was intedning to create it with herbs for very long time without succeding. And now its here-rich and deep! 

    Also the dragonfly was circuling around for long wanting to land in my drums. 
    Here it is- Turquoise Dragonfly accompanied by shimmering labradorite, all naturally dyed over several days in a complex process developed in my workhop.



    Reindeer skin over aged elm wood-frame

    Labradorite gemstone embeded in walnut wood centerpiece.

    Natural dyes

    48/8 cm


    Available for 5500 SEK / 535 €

    Dragonfly medicine is of the dreamtime and the illusionary facade we accept as physical reality. The iridescence of Dragonfly's wings reminds us of colors not found in our everyday experience. Dragonfly's shifting of color, energy, form, and movement explodes into the mind of the observer, bringing vague memories of a time or place where magic reigned. 

    Some legends say that Dragonfly was once Dragon, and that Dragon had scales like Dragonfly's wings. Dragon was full of wisdom, and flew through the night bringing light with its fiery breath. The breath of Dragon brought forth the art of magic and the illusion of changing form. Then Dragon got caught in its own facade. Coyote tricked Dragon into changing form, and the shape of its new body became like Dragonfly's. In accepting the challenge to prove its power and magical prowess, Dragon lost its power. 

    Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world. This elemental world is made up of the tiny spirits of plants, and of the elements air, earth, fire, and water. In essence, this world is full of nature spirits.

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