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The Bears / SOLD!
  • The Bears / SOLD!

    There were altogether only three flutes even in my store with carved animal totems. One of the reasons is of course the added complexity and work demand on each single statue to be made.

    Its a rarity and will most likely stay that way.


    Anyway-here are The Bears! 


    Length: 46 cm

    Tone line: A-C-D-E-(F#)-G


    Available for 5800 SEK / 580 € 

    The magic of double flutes

    As the name suggests-A double flute consists of two flutes (first one playing melody, second one holding a steady note/drone which always harmonizes with the melody) joined with one mouthpiece which-when played together-bring that specific, haunting and mystical sound.

    They can still be played separately as well so you can use double flute as a simple single flute.

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