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Carved Elderberry in low E minor / SOLD
  • Carved Elderberry in low E minor / SOLD

    Flute with a big bore and big body and, therefore, with big sound!

    Note that where E minor in the traditionaly constructed Native American flute is already a large/long flute, this construction allows is to be smaller and therefore more managable if you are a beginner or have small hands.



    Tuned to E minor

    Elderberry wood

    Length: 49 cm

    Tone line: E G A B D E


    Available for 2450 SEK / 245 €

    This flute is a combination of the traditional Native American flute and the classical european recorder flute (blockflöjt).

    The result is flute with stronger, more progressive or ringing sound that the native flute but- due to the simpler scale- much easier to manage that the recorder (blockflöjt).

    One clear advantage if this construction over the Native American flute is that even if in the same key/tuning, you will always get a shorter with smaller holes and closer together. 

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